OLED TV – is it for you?

This year will be another year of OLED screen TVs, we see more and more in stores and their price falls, although they remain relatively high for the size of the screen.

But who are those screens that promise better image quality than LCD, LED or plasma display devices?

Do some mark stand out from the others?

The question is answered by comparing an OLED model offered by LG with the characteristics of the 1080p ACL screens that the majority of consumers possess.

Comparison TVs with OLED screen versus LCD

To compare OLED TVs with LCD screens, we have used the features of a recent model of LG that accurately represents the products of this manufacturer: the 55 “OLED Curved TV. Full HD (1080p) with Smart TV compatible with the 3D 55EC9300. (Link to buy the device at the bottom of the chronicle!)

Display Technology

Rather than using a light source behind a liquid crystal panel and a color filter to display the images, the OLED screen hides a single panel that produces its own light and color.

This allows you to display more flexible transparency levels and offer better resolution than LCD or plasma screens.

Slimming and Weight

This same display technology explains the amazing thinness of OLED screens: as there are fewer panels integrated into the screen, the TVs are ultra slim, while displaying a lighter image. For the 55 “OLED display. Of LG, the thickness corresponds to 1/3 of that of an LCD screen.

LG OLED Display

This factor also influences the weight of the device which is halved with the OLED display. This can impact on how and where you position your screens in the home, from wall mounts to traditional tv stands and furniture, freely available from numerous online retailers such as this house and garden store.

Display of colors and images

The colors are also more vibrant, as well as the contrasts thanks to the display of a true black more accurate than with the LCD display and the use of 4 colors of pixel instead of 3. Moreover, little Angle, images and colors are brighter on an OLED display.

OLED display 4 colors pixels

The clarity of the moving images is also greater with the OLED, because the time required to display the elements on the screen is reduced: The OLED displays 1000 times faster than the LCD.

Curve of the screen

As the billboard is much thinner, there is a limitation for large format screens. That’s why we see curved-screen TVs, such as the LG Full HD 55EC9300 55 “model. On which this comparison is based.

This curve has the advantage of increasing the immersive experience, because one feels wrapped by the image.

Is the OLED for you?

Now the big question: is it worth buying one?

If you are a cinematographer or a “trippy” of images: yes! You will not be disappointed and will see the difference in the quality of the image.

For others, as the price of OLED screen TVs is still quite high, your LCD or plasma display should do the trick for quite some time. We speak of a minimum of $ 5000 for a screen of 55 inches, so it is quite expensive for a screen of this size …

Although with special in-store, you may find one at a more affordable price!

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